2 day 1 night trip at Genting

Remember on the previous post I said we went to Genting Highlands for 2 days 1 night. We waked up at about 10 something to get ready because our bus will take off at 2 pm. It is indeed an excited trip because this is the first time we went to Genting together.

Pictures is of course something we can't miss at all. All the way to genting and while we are back we never miss any chance, any moment and any singe seconds of taking pictures.

16 May 2009

waiting for bus
I know I looks like those who had infected by swine flu but it is definitely not!! I just get normal flu. Who will wear such cute mask, right???
Upon reaching SKYWAY we will need to take cable car to reach Genting. This is so so fun. And Genting is earning more and more money because they take pictures when you are taking the cable car and seeling those photos for RM 20 per piece. I can print it at any photo outlet as low as 39 cents a piece.

Looking at the pictures that the staff took when we are taking the cable car.

We are staying at Theme Park Hotel. Do you know what this hotel named that way? It is because it is just situated opposite the theme park lo. The room that they gave us is so far away and yet complicated. We have to go up and down, high and low to reach our room but indeed it is fun. hehehehe..

Finally, after about 10 minutes up and down in the lift we finally reach our room.

We are damn hungry when we reach Genting so we choosed not to have fun like kids usually those and choose to have something normally grown up would do. We are craving for FOOD!!! There were lots of pictures but too bad something wrong with blogger and might be my line problem too....
Pictures were taken during the eating session too.... Too much to eat, too much to take and non stop of flash from camera.

We were really full and I mean REAL FULL after the meal. We had some touring session going on. Looking at the surrounding, picking up some nice pictures. Suddenly we saw a group of people with white uniform, black pants and hat. I am wondering how come pilots are surrounded at Genting? Who knows when I walk closer and have a look, they are sailor instead of pilot. swt -.-'''
We came to the indoor theme park. It is how they named it and not I created it myself. This is the places where kids hang out and so do we. Because we are still kids. We have big body but kids brain.
me on the panda toot toot train
donna and shirley STOP FIGHTING!!!
Our next stop was Be A Star. Where do you think it is? What kind of place it is? Ane idea out of the name? Actually it is related. It is actually a place where u can sing till out of your breath.

After whole day playing, joking and snapping finally we were back into our room. There will be some suprise awaiting for the birthday girl of the day that she doesn't know. But she is still having great fun and going crazy.
Can you find where am I?
17 May 2009
When the clock strike at 12 am, the guys bring in the cake but the cake is indeed in a flame!!!

A red wine sponsor by Shawn

Nothing much happen on the second day. We get ready and packed our things and ready to get home.

I believe this girl, donna is not sleepy like all of us because she is capturing our sleeping mode picture and taking the scenery picture all the way back to KL city.

We did had agreat trip at Genting and there is some more before they were back to Miri. Be sure to stay tuned!!!!


Donna Bong said…
i love my HAIR COLOR
-pEi- said…
I love it too..
looks great on u

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