Drifter at Genting Highland

Was so excited to be in the drifter car last night.
That feeling was hard to describe by words and language.
When u can't see the road in front of you and you are still speeding to continue your journey.
It was really breath taking at the same time really excited.
The road was curvy and going from another U to the other U.
It was as excited as Initial D when Tok Hoi sending tauhu over Akina Hill.
I think it was more excited that that because at least Akina Hill road still had some straight road however Genting does not.
You had to keep turn in and out to make sure you keep on track.
Maybe I might be over writing these but you can never imagine that moment I gone through.


CkY said…
very lucky u still here to write blog......... hahah !!!!!

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