Day 2 with Donna

The first day we had lots lots of fun shopping, drinking and dancing, second day we will have something more relax and enjoying.

We did went for shopping too at Sunway pyramid and we went for a movie too. It is not like we never been to a movie at KL before but we never had it with Donna at KL.

But before continuing of doing all those activities we had to EAT! What we had for our first meal is McDonald! We make our ordered from the drive-thru section instead sitting there and have it on the table. It is somehow more enjoying having it in the car and time saving.

McD Menu

Ordering Corner
Pick Up corner

McChicken Set

In no time after we finish our brunch we had reached Sunway Pyramid. All of us shop around and looking at cute stuff.

When the time comes we went to the cinema. We are using a big hall and there are lots of people because it is first day of the movie, Angels & Demons. The movie was great and full of excitement which I will again talk about it more detailed on a new post.


This is an ice-cream shop. The design is mostly on pink and cute style. Everything is so so atttractive and temptating.

We were waiting for our friend, Garry after the movie. It is time for dinner. What do we had this time? Something really local, BAK KUT TEH! Awwww~~~ I miss it very much. It is different from what you cook and had it outside. I love it and I am enjoying having it eventhough I am having flu all day long.

After dinner, a little short break and chit chat we went to the next stop, the 100 Yen shop. They had everything imported from Japan and the price range is all between RM 4.90 - RM 5.90 which is consider cheap.

That is not all for us. Can you believe we had supper after that? SCARY? We eat madly like had been hunger for so long. At least I am because when I had flu I usually eat like mad man. We went to an Indian restaurant which we usually called mamak.

Roti Pisang

This is one of my favorite. I just love the banana aroma and also the sauce. But the sauce never get to play its role because banana cover all its taste.

Cheese Naan

These is slightly thicker than roti pisang but it is not bad too. It comes with two type of sauce and also condensed milk. You can dip to whichever sauce you prefer.

Both of this doesn't fulfill the six of us taste bud. Then we ordered roti tissue which is one famous local indian snack or dishes. It is crispy and you can actually dip with condensed milk that they gave you.

We call it a day after the supper. We had a great day because we had been eating non stop, laughing non stop and camwhoring nonstop!!!


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