Remember I mention about watching a local production movie?
I am going to say a little bit about it after watching this movie.
For my whole whole life I neve ever watch any local production movie.
I will just briefly said what is my opinion about this movie.
For me I think this is a not bad not good movie. Just average only.
The actor and actress is not bad and personally thinks it is nice to have 3 different languages that represent Malaysia with multi races.
This is basically amovie that reflects how Malaysia people react and do things.
There is one dialogue which I really loves and truly Malaysia.
"The money is torn cannot accept."

"But you just give me that moment ago. Torn means cannot accept

Don't you think this is very familiar? Ya, most of the places in Malaysia thinks that torn currency is unacceptable.

It also proves how reality of life is. They want everything that is free without any charges. They wish something that gives them benefit instead of disadvantages.

There is lots of funny scene in the movie but somehow some part is not connected and make me kinda lost in between of the movies. One more thing I had to mention is that there is NO ending!! Maybe there is but somehow I don't get it and not any of it. Overall just ok la.


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