Pictures Says a THOUSAND Word

I feel really stress this few weeks since I came back KL due to exams.
There's nothing much I can do because I don't used to go out during my exam period.

What can I do then? Photography is what I can do to actually release my stress.
What a good thing to do isn't it?
This is actually the sunset I take everyday and I really mean everyday.
Every evening at about 600pm - 730pm I would go out to my balcony and look at the sky with my camera.

Capturing the sky everyday and you will see the difference in color and also cloud that looks great.

The sky is different everyday just like our life. NO matter what it will be another day of life which is full of challenge and unpredictable.
Enjoy it and Hopes you will like it.
Give me some comment too!!!!


Inspire said…
hehe...feeling post ya?it is nice but camera problem(noise and low iso) have try to play with expourse?
-pEi- said…
yalo...if i get higher iso the noise will be higher

anyway thanks for dropping by bb

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