Finally Over

Its been a while since my previous update on my blog.
I miss my blog very much however I had no time for it because I was busy preparing for exam.
Now, everything had temporary settled down.
Because I had finish my exam but yet still need to wait for my results before I really feel relief.
What a stressful life isn't it?
Whatever it is, for now I just want to keep things behind my mind and get time to get crazy.
I wanted more food, I wanted more entertainment and of course SHOPPING!!
Will update more soon! I am FREEEEEEEE~~~ Just for this moment @.@'''


sze said…
wow..too great.. i still have a long way to go.. next tue jus will finish my final.. anyway.. we can hang out soon ler..hehe
-pEi- said…
herm still okiela...
i started early so finish earlier lo..
but it also takes about 2 weeks plus for me to finish

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