Rums Jungle

Wednesday night is the night that ladies love and time to get off your stress and lift up your life babe! We went out and have fun too with our honour guest which we had been not seeing for decades (maybe not that long). Like what PCK said, the night is still young. Let me bring you back to the past and see what we had done that night and how does it looks like in Rums Jungle.

In the car before we reach our destination. We will never miss a chance in capturing every precious moment.
In the bar but it is kinda smokey inside. The ambience in there is not bad.
-pEi-, donna , Gee
Band of the night
I don't know what's their name as they are already there when we reach. Instead it is livelier to have live band performing and they are great and awesome in using their own instrument.
The Singer
Personally thought, I think she had kinda powerful voice and know how to interact with the people around eventhough I don't know what is she singing. Music never bother what race, religion or language you speak isn't it but still connects people.

-pEi-, song, donna, shir & sze
I am glad to have them around because this is their first time steeping into a club. Hope that they don't get too bored that night.
donna & -pEi-
reddish face after few cups of alcohol

The night was awesome and we had reall great fun. At least, I believe donna too because she is the star of the night from our table. She dance well and even the bar tender offer hers a drink and perform on the stage. Donna, you are superb!!!!


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