Photography Gathering at KL

It is a bright shiny day and I had promised to meet up Pete and also shutterhero both I knew from mc net.

It is a great opportunity to get asked by Pete to meet up and shutterhero is joining too. Eventhough it is only the 3 of us but we did enjoy the whole session and having fun too although I am quite tiring and it is kinda hot too when the sun getting sunny.

I am so disappointed because I don't have my camera with me. I had send it over to fix due to some problem. I had went to National Mosque and also KTM Berhad main office and it is a nice building which would be nice to capture with. Forget about it, I get to have the pro to do the job for me...hehehehe

I haven't had the photos yet but I am too excited to post this and also been missing my blog very much. I will post the photos up once I get it. Can't wait to have them and I am happy to meet Pete and shutterhero as they are friendly and hilarious.


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