Tea time is the time people get to rest and enjoy little snacks. It doesn't matter where you are people would always find place good for tea time. From desserts to snacks anything that is light and not heavy would be a choice.

We came over to sweetchat and have a try of their durian pancake. It is actually a very good try for durian lover.

Durian Pancake
Personally, I think it is nice and of course the durian ascent is nice. The whole picture of the pancake looks like the egg. The durian is put in the bottom just like the egg yolk and there is cream above durian. so everything you see look like an egg. Delicious of course and the origin durian taste is still available.
See how delicious it is. Shirley and Song is having great time having it. They can't stand of the temptation. hehhehe...nice nice


songsong said…
haha....luckily shirley look more glutton than me....wahaha....
CkY said…

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