I just love photography although I know that I don't have a great skill. I am still learning and of course it is my hobby and also I had passion in it. Since I was back from Miri, more or less I had been addicted to DSLR which I saw most of them carrying. It is not about showing off but instead getting a better camera for better capturing and learning of photography.

I had look into few brand like Canon, Nikon, Sony and also Panasonic. There is too much choices, too many varieties which makes me hard to make up my mind. Every each of it seems to be good for a newbie and noob like me but with the cash I had and limited budget I can only get something that is affordable in my price list. Besides that taking a prosumer camera or DSLR is still a deep thought for me.

Many of my pros friend in DSLR or in photography had suggested me few brands which I find them useful too but instead I am more attracted to this current model Canon PowerShot SX200 IS. The function, usefulness and user friendly of this camera seems to suit what I need now the best. However I would like to think twice before I really get one. I don't want to regret after getting it. More survey should be done.


Karlos said…
Good luck on your camera hunting pEi!
Wow !

Good luck ya. Happy hunting (for camera)! =)
Inspire said…
glad to hear that...recommended you go search for the sample image which have not been stimulated...note the noise level during each iso...well,i would like to give you some other varieties....this is only my 2 cent lah,well..i will go to take a dslr alike camera,like nikon p6000,p90, power pro series,fujifilm(nt recommended),and casio exilim(not recommended for dslr alike looks,but if you want 1300fps full hd video recording or long battery life will highly recommended),oh ya,as for casio compact,it is nice to have exilim s12( which use the latest engine (exilim 4.0),very nice...OK!!
For compact,i will definately go for fujifilm f200 EXR(Nt manual control very much),for long term usage,i not recommended for you as you want to improove from skill,but the image quite nice...
For dslr alike pulak,i definetely will go for OLYMPUS Sp series(I dont know much bout nikon and canon DSLR alike compact,heard that they are good)..Sp series nice at zoom range(actually not much use for normal usage,unless you use more),you should go to check it out, not sure bout the manual control,but the macro enough liao,1cm..and i believe the brand...truepic3,dual shoe flash...You can get a olympus and sony slr at that price too,you gotta check the sample images...

Lastly,Actually get a okok camera,and boost it by your skill,i believe you can achieved it,for your samsung,too much noise i cant denied it...i recommended you ask ier,the mc net member...technical need too much technical thingy actually,it is a advanced and add on benefits only,much more your skill is important..Let pic talk......

PS:Too much i bull shit liao,when you come back we go outing
-pEi- said…
thanks but still seeking n thinking
any recommend?

dear thank you.

wow what a detail info
i will sure take it really serious as all these is important fact to get a good cam
Karlos said…
Actually since you asked, Panasonic LX3 would be a good choice. You can check out photos taken by my4to in his thread at mcnet taken with the cam. I personally have had experience using it from my sister in law and love the output. In fact 2 staffs in my office have bought this cam!

-pEi- said…
thanks for ur precious advise
ya i did look into it..
great capture
will have to think real deep

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