31 May 2009 - Random Thoughts

Just feel like qriting and blogging today.
Besides it is kinda little happy and sunny day for me.
I get some hair cut today just to please myself for nothing.
On my way back I saw my lillte god brother. Decided to give him a lift and send him to work.
Had not been seeing him for ages and I really mean ages.
There is something really good happen also. Even it is not about me but I am glad it happens too.
MM was first published in Miri newspaper - Sin Chiew Daily Newspaper.
They definitely worth it and they hard work pays. It is not an easy task for them to go this far.
They had been critisies and people had been talking bad behind them, however they did not give up and go on.
Can actually go in here or MM site to look at more details of the published. CONGRATS ONCE AGAIN TO DASOLVE (gor), the founder of MM.
It is end of the month already. Almost half of the year had gone just like that.
I had been really unuseful this past few months.
Nothing much that I had done except of wasting time.
Looking for job and yet can get one. I understand it is the economic downturn but I am still hoping for a job in a short period of time.
Anyway it will be a better tomorrow. Hoping there is something good coming into life.


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