FONG LYE Taiwan Restaurant

Remember previously I said about we went to a taiwan restaurant? Now I will show you some of the food that we had ordered and my personal view on it. Food is something that we must had everyday so it can be apart. Let us start move your mouse down and control your saliva while looking at the computer screen.

Fong Lye Taiwan restaurant
This restaurant is basically base a Taiwan base restaurant and every worker will be welcoming you aloud with chinese huan ying kuang ling. The whole design is base of white and a little traditional cutlery.

Taking pictures while waiting for our food to be served....
-pEi- & Donna
Hot Taiwan Crysanthemum Oolong Tea
I personally thinks this tea taste great. The smell and taste is not too heavy for non drinker for tea.
Sweet Potato Ball
This is one of the snack and most of them had thumbs up for this after had their tongue on it. The sweet potato is sweet and of course the outter layer is crispy but the inner side is so soft and melt easily in moouth.

Sliced Beef in Claypot Set
This is everything in a set. Soup, a claypot beef and also three side dishes. I did not try the beef because personally I don't not consume beef. They said it is nice and well cooked. If you love beef than this might be your favorite choice in the menu.

The soup is actually lotus soup. They put in pork and lotus to boil. The taste is just alright and it is salty. If they put in peanuts would be better and taste better.

Chicken with Scallton Sauce
This is also a set meal. The chicken blends well with the sauce. The chicken is fresh and well steamed. The meat is smooth and doesn't seems to be over cooked. So this is a recommended food if you want something plain and not too heavy on the day.

Steamed Fish with Pineapple
This is also a set meal.
OH GOD! I love this dish because the fish is steamed and the sauce with pineapple in it have bit of sour, and sweet. It actually let you have better appetite to continue other dishes. The fish is boneless and you have no worries while eating it.

Tea Smocked Duck and Glass Noodle
Personally I think they did not manage the glass noodle well because it is in a piece instead of one string one string. But I think the tea duck is nice. The one is sliced taste good and with their sauce you will have better taste thats activate your taste bud. The one in piece is rather too hard because it is hard to torn off.

Lastly, the environment can be rated as good and the food is average good for what we had ordered on the day. If you tend to come over to KL and coincidencely come to The Gardens do not hestitate to come this restaurant and have atry on the food.


i e R said…
how many of u actually eating so much food? @.@
-pEi- said…
There are five of us.
Although we are gals but we are food lovers.
Donna Bong said…
tecnhincally.. there was ALOT of food, but in super small portions. so yeah. LOL

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