I lost something which is really precious for me today when I was out for shopping, which should be a very happy moment. I feel really sad and its like losing part of me.
It had been part of my life since I get it. I never thought I would lost it at least not such a careless way.
Maybe it is time to let go or to say old things don't go new things won't come isn't it??? And same goes to other aspect.
Whatever it is, I should try to let go and continue my life because before it appears in my life I still live as usual.


cync said…
mmm dont be sad pei. maybe it's really like you say, old thing dont go new thing dont come. hugs dear~
lace said…
or maybe the thing lots has precious meaning and the new comes one aint gotta be up to the standard of preciuosness Lols
just bullshitting hehe..
-pEi- said…
cyn dear, ya life is always like that.

lace, u have ur point too but somehow theres nothing I can do for now but trying to let it go...
Anonymous said…
it's the fate or chance for u to let go 'something'.. cheers ;)
-pEi- said…
vicky, thanks for advise and concern

hope to see u again soon on our next level of education
CkY said…
what u lost oh ????????/

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