Third Day

On the third day, we basically went out a little bit late than the previous day because what we had be planning is actually just shopping and we will be having steamboat at home. The schedule is quite free and flexible.

We went to 1 Utama for the whole after our lunch. But it is basically already 3pm. We walk around for about 3 hours then we proceed to our next destination, Carrefour. We bought some of food that we need for our steamboat that night.

We cook all the stuff but basically is just the soup for the steamboat. We had our steamboat all night long and we were really full with food. The night is always young for us. We went to our apartment playground and play like kids and take pictures like no one is around and take it madly just like nothing matters anymore.
Donna & -pEi-

donna, song & -pEi-

Donna and Rotiboy
We went to MPH and search for his brother favorite comic and we never miss any chance pf snapping pictures. The black girls is in action. They are great and never try to bully them because unite is strength.

At night, like I said we planned for steamboat. We bought lots lots of food because we just love to eat, who doesn't? (stupid sentence)

vermicelli, song's favorite

fish ball & prawn ball
cheese sausage
fish slice and crab meat
fresh fish ball and long mushroom (don't know what its name)
Tauhu pok
Tom Yam Paste
Everything mix together...opps I forget about our soup. It is cook from long cabbage, mushroom, drumstick and also sweet corn.

We went to the park for some snapping. Like I said, for younsters like us the night is always too young for us la. How can we waste our potential and energy.

We never think that we are old because of age. We will only think we are still capable on lots of things just because we are very young.

We had lots of fun BUT its gonna be tiring because we will have 2 days 1 night trip to Genting Highland the next day! Stay tuned for more updates!!


CkY said…
no wonder lah !!!!!! that night was so so so noisy under ther !!!!!!!

is ur guy playing around there......... hahahah
alamak i feel hungry looking at those photos.

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