This is an issue that frequently discuss by all the people around the world as things are changing and so do we, human. People are getting more and more competitive among each other don't you agree with it? I guess I am right in this! People are doing more and more comparison among each others and also when CHOOSING PARTNERS!

I can always hear people around me talking about how their other half or partners should be. They should have this or they should have that but have we ever think that people are making comparison on us and also choosing us too! This is a tradition and also a circular of life.

There is basically THREE main things that I guess is quite common when choosing your other half as your partner or couple of life.


The first thing of all, EDUCATION! Parent's always thinks that education background is always an important issue to consider before you choose your partner or get married. Even nowadays there are more and more people are graduated from universities and have their certificate in hand but what is behind the story you will never know. They might and I say MIGHT get it through purchasing which is an easy task nowadays. Just like girls shop for something they want and wish. then how can you actually proves it they are highly educated mummy and daddy out there?

Second of all, HEIGHT! This is mostly girls considerations. They think that this is sometimes an important FACT! MOST of them wanted their partner to be taller than them even with their heels on. It is not a hard task at all to have men who is taller than you BUT you have other considerations such as education as I mention earlier, or his background or even his lifestyle. So, basically this makes things hard.

Last of all is EARNINGS and also the most important of all that shows how REALITY the women are! I know women tend to be really reality due to their competitions and life that are living in. When partner are earning less than you expected or earning income lower than you do most probably you would mind and keep nagging and these only applies to women. When they are in a higher position and earning more they tend to feel ashamed and sometimes things might not work out anymore. This is a reality of LIFE!

All the above is a real fact of life that we are facing nowadays. More and more graduates out there and most of them are girls, so where the guys go??? Does that mean girls are to choosey when comes to getting a partner? Is that a reason why there are more and more unmarried women in the world statistic? I could only say I don't know!

The above THREE aspects are all depends on individuals perception and thoughts. Some might not mind that their other half to have higher or lower education than them, depends on which party you are. Some might not mind that their height is taller or shorter than them or even do not mind that the other half have more or less earnings than them and ended up woth happily ever after life! So, how would you explained all of that? It is all personal view, perception and thoughts. So, what do you think?


Anonymous said…
No. 1 and 2 are myth. No. 3 determine all.
-pEi- said…
but still some people do cares and there is still lots of aspect people would take consideration of
and parents consent.
Anonymous said…
there is this word called ATTRACTION and all the above does not matter .....

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