I find out my colleagues love steamboat very much. Maybe because they were cheap in a sense that they can eat as much as they can and also have lots of varieties of food to choose. We went to this restaurant call SONG LUNG YUNG, I guess that's the name. Can't really recall its name. Nevermind as long as it is a place to crave for food.
Varieties of noodle for you to choose. No one took it except me. I am so so alien among them. They was like asking: " Why do you take such cheap food?" =.='''
Many many kinds of balls. Fish ball, sotong ball, prawn ball, meat ball, crab meat, anything you can find in the supermarket I guess its almost there.
Time for food. My colleague here is asking for tom yam soup and it take quite long for them to served it to her so she's a bit 'mang zhang'. When people hungry they get to anger easily, don't you have this kinda situation too?
We can choose two types of soup. Different people, different taste I shall say. It is good to have it this way. Just like me I don't eat over spicy food then I will go for herbal soup or something more plain.
The other 2 colleagues which were really cool and they are posting for me to shoot. How nice are they and please don't hit me when you both find out I post it in my blog my dear colleague.
hehehhehe... This is a big scallop. Yummy nyum nyum~~~~ Nyamai dik...................
After all those rojak food into stomach, time to go for dessert, ICE CREAM! My fave of all time. I took choco and also strawberry. Vanilla is the other option out of 3 but that was too normal.Hahahahha...
Having great dinner and i am really full. What we did after that? Stay and you will know the continue story of it.......


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