Remember my previous post saying that there's something to be continue? This is it....MARDIGRAS. Do you know what it is? Or any idea what thing or place it is? It is actually a lounge or more to a pub. Hey, don't misunderstanding ya. I am here because of work. I wouldn't been here after work if there's nothing related to work. I would rather choose to lay on my bed and sleep. They are actually organising a summer Christmas which I found a little bit weird. They have sneak preview on the party girl contest 2009 too. Wanna know more? Click on to MARDIGRAS!

As you all know it is definitely dark in there but that night flash were the lights that makes the night bright. Non-stop flashing from the SLR. the medias were there too. It was not a pretty happening event or maybe I guess we were early. We were not there too have fun but just to have a look and also see how is the event going on. ONE CARD is one of the sponsors to them.


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