My LURVE Affair with Bearbricks

I am attracted to your beauty when I first saw you. I am really in love with you where no words can described my feeling that moment when I saw you. Somehow, jealousy conquer all over me to see you with my best buddy. I was wondering why I was not the one who found you first? I was wondering again would it be different if I am the one who saw you first?

However, I can never betrayed my buddy to take over you to be with me. I can't do that as my buddy is my best friend and I can never do something that will actually betrays our friendship. I wanted to be the one who will be with you always.

One bright sunny day, I was shocked and yet excited. I found you or to say looks like you. I can't believe there is two you. Now, I can have you without betraying my friend. Now, I can have you without feeling sorry because you were twins instead of just the only ONE! I had you in my life now BEARBRICKS!! I LURVE Ya!!!!


CkY said…
who twins oh ?!?!?!?!?!

*donno what u sing.........
Donna Bong said…
ehehehehhe~~ like mine like mine~~
Flying_Ukui said…
i have many be@rbricks models at home... :)
-pEi- said…
cky, i am not sing

donna, yeaps same as urs
this is actually a contest participation

ukui, ya i know u r bearbricks lovers too


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