Pasta Zanmai

Went to Sunway Pyramid last weekend. Plan to meet up Garry actually but he was packed with his own scheduled so we, the GIRLS were having our own shopping spree. Basically it was a nice one except for me because I bought nothing but I had my stomach full when we left the mall.

The decoration is basically not bad. I just love their lighting which is not too bright and dark. Just right lighting to have your meal.

The beverages corner where drinks are ready. I personally think this is good because customer get to see how their drinks served and ready without any hesitation.
The kitchen where you will see how your food cooked. Somehow I just love to see their action while cooking and it was a little bit like Heel's Kitchen. (a game)

I did not have the name of the food we ordered this time. Besides I think it was pretty pretty long indeed. So I would just roughly mention what it is and describe how it taste.
The Unagi Choice. This is Sze's meal of the day. I think she really loves Unagi very much. I think it was alright. Personally I love Sakae Unagi better if you still remember my post on it. It comes with a bowl of soup and a plate of salad.
Song's pick of the day. This is chicken rice set. I love how they grill or cook it. Nyum Nyum~~ The taste is great as it is not overly cook where sometimes some restaurant actually overcooked it and had that smell that really annoyed me.
I love the salad too because the fresh vegetable smells and taste good. Some might not like it especially the onion because it is raw and somehow a little spicy because that;\'s the onion original taste when it is not cooked.
This is ke-ri-si-tine picks from the menu. This is beef set which I don't get to try because I do not eat beef. Beef lover might taste it because I know beef had lots of cooking style to fulfill your taste bud.
Unagi Set. I perhaps you would know whose those this belongs too. This is Shir's pick of the day. She loves unagi a lot. I think this is not bad too. I love the curry paste and it was not too spicy which actually makes me loving it. It was not like Malaysia curry which is very spicy and hot. Try it to believe it!
This is mine. I tell you I am not ordering 2 but ONLY 1 set but comes with 2 different food. Do you think the below spagetthi consider mini? It was kinda big bowl for me. This is spagetthi in asian style that cook with soup. They put in lots of healthy vege like garlic, eggplant, cabbage and lots more. Some might not like it because of the pepper smell and it is kinda plain taste but I think this is good. Healthy in the sense of it.

This is the other plate of food of my order. This is not small at all. Like I said I just love the curry paste or gravy that were given to be eaten with my chicken and rice. I finish both food and feel really full. The price is definitely worth pay and you can also ordered this with your partner if one of you have small appetite.

Overall I love it all and definitely would come for the second time. There is still so so much that I have not try. HOISHI HOISHI!!!!


Anonymous said…
pei ah~
i think u wrote wrong on 'unagi' set with curry paste, that shud be 'ebi'~ XD

I heard of pasta zanmai already, how I wish to hv a meal there.. But what I heard bout is sushi zanmai is better than pasta zanmai lah~ Maybe u can try it out ^^
-pEi- said…
but my friend order told me its unagi wo...
better check with her

ya i know about sushi zanmai
i think it i somehow own preference
i had actually covered sushi zanami
i think it is depends one one's taste

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