BBQ Chicken

KL known as places where there's lots of restaurant where you can never stop eating or won't have the chance to complaint that you had no choice of food. BBQ Chicken would be your choice too if you love chicken. This is a korean style restaurant which serves healthy food to their consumers.
You will never think it is a korean restaurant because it is a combination of decoration western style instead of korean and mix with korean style cooking food.

Korean Green Tea
Personally, I don't think it is different from the Japanese green tea but somehow a little plain than the Japs green tea.
Value Treat BBQ Chicken Set
The BBQ chicken is really not bad for me personally. The chicken sauce blends well with the chicken itself. Salads is a side dish which had too heavy sauce with it but I love it. The rice is not really nice for me. I bet they add in something which I don't know what is it and makes it taste weird. Somehow the chicken well be recommended.
Sweet Corn Creamy Soup
I don't really love it because it taste awkward. Color is nice but just like a phrase 'Never judge a book by its cover'. Some people might like it because the taste is quite heavy. So, why not give it a try and your taste bud might says, 'hey this is yummy man!!'

What are you still waiting for? Come over to 1 Utama and have a visit to this restaurant!!


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