STUDIO ONE is fully produce by DELL. I don't own this by my buddy own this. This is so so superb and magnificent piece of technology for me as it was AWESOME!
First of all, they have wide screen which will actually satisfied your enthusiasm of watching drama or movies. You don't have to tortured yourself with 14" to 17" screen when you watch your fave drama series.
Next, Studio One comes with touch screen software that make things more convenient and easy. You don't even need your keyboard or mouse at all as long as you had the screen with you.
Coming up next advantage is everything they provide is wireless. The had a wireless mouse and keyboard for you. you don't need to go crazy anymore to plug in those wires that will sometimes makes you wild and gone crazy.

The design is slim and compact. Not much space needed and most of all they don't even need a CPU to support all this to run. Everything is within!! You can't see it but you gona feel it and I believe you will like it!

This is one and for all DELL STUDIO ONE! It comes in varieties if colors like black, white, pink and blue to fill customer needs. So, go to the nearest PC shops and have a look at it. I bet you may like it once you try it on.


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