Have you ever heard of this restaurant before? maybe you do but not me. The only thing that attracts me is the design of the restaurant. Basically they use white all over their restaurant. From the paint, the wall, the decors, the utilities and many more.

See even the rattan chair is in white. I am totally in love with it and personally I love this shot. I change it into sepia and I feel like it was so so classic. What do you think?
This give me a feel of relaxing outside the garden of a house. Looking at the sunset and feeling the air breeze will drinking a cup of champagne and a piece of cheesecake. BUT somehow the ketchup spoil the picture.... =.=''''

This is coffee mix with tea. Personally I like it but not very much. The coffee taste is too much which I can't taste the tea. Usually they should have balance in this kind of mixture drinks and make sure that neither one of it cover the aroma and taste of each other.
This is what we called air bandung but this had mixed with milk. They had been adding too much milk and makes it taste so so sweet which I really don't love it. NO taste of bandung but full of milky taste.
This is a mini or small portion for those who had small appetite. This is my sister ordered. Those who ever saw her know how thin she is. The look was alright but the chic is not as good as it looks. The gravy on the chic is somehow kinda tasteless. I think they should have put much more effort in cooking the gravy.
This is same as above but rice as additional. Looks plain indeed and not really attractive. The green peas, for me is not great at all. Green peas lover will deny eating so do not expect haters to even had a taste on it.
I would say this is the worst fish & ship I had ever had. Its not bad but for those which I ever tried this is the worst. Their fish personally is okie but I guess they cook it in a wrong way or some how the outer layer doesn't seems to really taste great on the fish. It spoiled the whole plate of food. The fries is somehow tasteless too.
Overall this is above bad but definitely below average. But this is still better than I had in SHAKEY's if you still remember about that post. If you think I am wrong than taste it yourself and let me know what you think at their outlets situated at CAPSQUARE!


Sileast20 said…
Hello Pei,
Thanks for sharing this post.. now I can add this to my place to visit and dine. And yeah it was a suprise to seeyou in Lowyat.... sorry it was brief. I am sure we will run into each other again next time.
-pEi- said…
no problem on it
sharing is always caring besides doing some review on the restaurant I had ever visit can avoid and also help people to choose isn't it?
of course we will bump intoeach other again some other day since KL is actually not that big...

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