GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG this was gona makes you feel so so "G"!!! And I really mean its going to be real GGG!! You know why? Because we are stepping into TOKYO.G! This place was really coo and awesome. It is a place for sushi but indeed that modernise it into sushi bar. Stay with me and find out more.
The decoration will makes you feel closer to the natural because thy are using wood color and green as their theme. It is a little bit darky inside but thw hole feeling and ambience makes you feel really comfy adding with the music that they play it in the air.

This is the bar in TOKYO.G !! Excited about it isn't it? You name it I guess they might have it! I know what is in your mind, they had SAKE too!! Just because they are Japs restaurant isn't it? How can they not provide sake since they are wholly Japs restaurant and saying themselves a sushi bar, right?
This is the statement and FAQ. Take a closer look by clicking on the picture and I am super super sure you gona get "G"!!!!!!!!!!!
Their super duper cute plates and chopsticks. SEE IT? Its all green and wooden brown!
Even the menu is going brown and G!! Know why? Because G stands for green lo!!! Hahahaha...That's just my thought......=.=''''

Various of sushi that you will love and makes your saliva dropping. They are pretty and seems to be delicious. Their decoration would be the thing that given additional points. Somehow they don't have much choice as other sushi restaurant but who knows in future they might, because I think it gona attracts people due to their whole concept even it is quite pricey that actually makes me feel soo soooo GGGGGGGG!!!
You know what antonised me more when one by one the dishes are served? I saw CHILLI PADI !! I was like..huh????? do Japan have chilli padi and somehow I realise something after a while. They combining Malaysia and Japan culture together which I think it is great. Having culture combination makes you feel closer to the other country and yet not far from your own country.

Get what I am talking about now? See how creative they are? They can even have a dragon out of a sushi!! Or even various odd name out of the normal sushi we used to eat. That's the business mind the boss got.

This is super super awsome!! Have you ever tried Japanese curry? NO NO it is defintely different from our MALAYSIAN curry. The korean curry is not that spicy and hot like ours. The taste slightly little spicy, little salty and little sweety. Somehow *click* it works out well. I kinda love the taste. Definitely recommended!!

Wasabi Ice cream
Definitely have to try this. It is actually not bad but somehow I don't really like the taste. It is not hot when you eat it in small portion but it got some weird taste when you swallow it. And it slowly turn litlle bit spicy too. If you going to eat it in big portion please think twice. It is gona burn your tongue as it is really hot! Maybe just for me because I don't used to eat spicy food.
It is a very nice restaurant and I bet you all will love it like me too when you visited them. Happy Food Hunting!!!


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