Chatz Room

Went to this particular cafe which I think worth of intro to all those who were "night cats". If you can't find a place which is quiet enough for you to relax or chit chat with your friends, I guess this would be a great venue. They are newly open cafe situated at Sri Rampai new shoplot. Chatz Room is the name of the cafe. Their dedoration is simply cute, nice and simple. Look it yourself to believe it.

The blackies dude and babe of the night.
Shir, Song & Hoe Jiun
Chocolate blend which is not bad. A very big cup and worth the price. Not bad but can't be graded as very good. Still have room for improvement I would say.
Strawberry with PearL
Kiwi Blended
Sweet & Sour taste makes your goosebump activated. Personally I think it was alright because I do not really love sour food or drink muche xcept for lemon. This is a great choice for sour lover. try it to tell me what you would think.
Oreo Blended
This is mine and recommended by their waiter. I love the milk powder taste with the oreo. i don't know whether they are putting milk powder or not but somehow I taste their is in it. Whatever it is this is a thumb up recommendation. But I would try something different next time to seek for more great and thumbs up drinks and food.
Snack of the night. Spicy French Fries.


CkY said…
wah... u know wat.. me go rampai find eat de but finally i found nothing loh... u ppl really good in looking for eat leh !! time i really need to 请教请教你们 le !! haha
-pEi- said…
cky, really?
then next time read my blog more to find out more new cafe
CkY said…
yaloh !!! i will de !!!
haha..... i read ur blog me very happy de leh !!! whahahaha.....

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