Stepping into this building for the very first time. Have to said the truth that I never even heard of this mall before previously until few days ago. I guess I won't know for next couple of years if I did not went out and watch Harry Potter. Everywhere were packed with all the Harry Potter fans to watch the long waiting movie so basically everywhere is fully book except this particular cinema in CAPSQUARE. I feel glad that I could make it to watch but indeed the mall was little bit scary.

I never ever see any mall in KL will closed such early. What I mean is actually the shoplets inside the mall. We arrived around 8 quaters and almost all the shoplets were closed and it was so so empty inside where you can even heard echo when you shout. haiz.... =.=''''

It is basically a very nice building that should be fully utlised. The whole design and concept of the mall was great indeed. I think it has it owns personality as it brings out difference compared to other mall but too bad it doesnt works out.

I love the whole ambience if that mall. So so relaxing and also comfy. It has that vintage feel that brings me back to few decades back. Hopefullu their management gona think some solution to work thinsg out as I think it would be a waste of such interesting building to be neglect.


CkY said…
donno how to said leh........

but where is this palace location oh ???
-pEi- said…
i dont know hot to answwer u becaus eI am not sure too

I am the passenger only

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