1st DEATH CASE for H1N1

The first death case for H1N1 happens today. Patient is actually a 30 year old indian foreigner student. The student is to believe die because of another reasons instead of directly by H1N1 disease. There is many consequence plus H1N1 has causes his death.

Ministry of Health said that before confirm what is the main reason they will make deep research to ensure the causes of death and will report in 2 days time. This had made Malaysia first death cases and also increases Malaysia H1N1 cases to 939 cases in total.

Among the 939 cases out of 922 had been full recovered and the balance were still quarantine and one had been firm to be death. Ministry Health is also saying that government wont be quarantine most of the patients instead paying more attention on how to cure them? Would this condition go worst? I can only said we shall cooperate to prevent and make things better!


LadyBird® said…
pay more attention to cure the virus? great!! start to experimenting it with the local jungle products such as kayu tongkat ali, etc. be the 1st to come out with the vaccine. malaysia boleh kan? ;p

whatever it is, i agreed with you. prevention is better than cure. :)
-pEi- said…
ya, Misa always boleh isn't it?
Thanks LB for dropping by in here.
We cant expect every disease to have cure but we can only avoid and prevent it from being happen

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