Durian Season

As an asian I think we are really fortunate to have the King of fruit with us, Durian.
Once again durian season is in the air. You can see durian everywhere and people all around you will have the durian aroma.

Even it is quite "smelly" but indeed I think some of us really enjoying it. We, asian really love durian alot alot and this is somehow a representative for us, an asian I guess.
I know somehow some people don't really love durian for its smell but it actually taste better in mouth than using your nose and judge it.

So nevertheless we will not miss out the durian festival too. My friend gave me a box of durian and really makes me happy out of it but my sister seems to enjoy more because durian is one of her fave fruit. However, she don't eat much and let me finish all the leftover.

The yellowish, creamy fruit will makes you irresistible to have it one follow by another. Nowadays durian can be eaten 365 days. We have lots of dish and food that are make out of durian to fulfill durian lovers enthusiasm. Durian cake, durian ice-cream, durian pie and etc.

Durian will still be the best among asian BUT remember 'DO NOT DRINK AND EAT DURIAN'!! It can kill you! That's what I heard from the eldest. Believe or not? Up to you to decide. Happy durian-ging!!!!


CkY said…
any more ????????

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