Starting from 1st August 2009, all the land transport fees will increase and it applies to all over Malaysia. Bus, taxi including school bus but exclude KTM, Monorail and LRT. All those vehicles that uses petrol to run will be increased starting from 1st August 2009.

Do you think this is fair and equal to all the citizens? Fair increases, does this really solve the problem among the drivers and satisfied them? Even it really works out among them but how about the passengers? How they gona survive with just a little increase that we see but actually could be much when we calculate it.
Saying that it increase by 20 cents for taxi. Normally we start from RM 2 and now will be RM 2.20. One way will increase by 2o cents and another return will cost 40 cents in total. One day uses 40 cents extra. One week will use RM 2.80 extra and people who drive can have that money to pay one way tol already. That's only for a week, if a month total extra will be RM2.80 x 4 = RM 11.20 . You might think that is not much but for a student or low income employee they can survive for at least one day for their meal.

I know I might sounds stingy and materialistic in money but as a student I have to learn to use my money wisely because I had fix amount of expenses every month. I know it might be a way to push up economy and strategic to deal with economic downturn that we are facing now but I could only say it can't satisfied all the parties! There is always one who get benefit and the other one lost.


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