Bangi Kopitiam

How many of you really know what kind of cafe does our ancestors go? Something really wooden and very classic? Everything was manual instead of advance technology we had now? All those machine to do human job. Does it looks something like the picture below?
Do you think this is basuically what our ancestors or our parents generation used to have type of coffee shop. Agree? BUT this is somethingwe had now. I just change the color and makes it looks old and classical few. The original photo was below.

This coffee shop gave me a very classical feel when I scan through their designs and also decorations. They are using those classical concepts or to say had been open for few decades. And they are still keeping this tradition that we can hardly see nowadays. This is Bangi Kopitiam.

Wooden chair and marble tables that are used long long time ago is still reamined in here. That are not just simply wooden chait we can find now but kind of antique style. Scroll down and you will know.
How often can you still see this kinda stool in any coffee shop. Mamak is also using plastic stoll nowadays instead of this kind of wooden stool.
Enough of the designs and decoration. Lets go to the food & beverages.
Kopi 'O' "Ah Cheng"
This is coffee without milk. This is what people back then used to have. they simply love the coffee aroma instead of having it with milk or even creamer like what we have now.
White Coffee
Volcano Lava
This is somehow sort of like what we have back in Miri, the 3 layer tea.
Soya Bean with Cincau
Rendang Ayam
Looks yummy sin't it? The color of the rendang is definitely attempting. A little bit of brownish yellow. Personally it looks good but don't know whether it is tasty enough or not. Have a try and you will know it.
Nasi Hailam
I wonder why do you call it Hailam instead of Hainan? hahaha...It is definitely from hainan becausen Hainan chicken should be white and this is the other way round. blacky brown like barbeque but the taste of the chicken was not bad but I think the chicken meat is too hard to chew. Not a good option for the elderly.
TomYam Beehoon Goreng
This is so so spicy for a non-spicy lover like me. It has the hot and spicy aroma and a little sour when you add it with lime. Definitely would open up your taste bud to have it for the second time if you are spicy food lovers.
Mee Rebus
This is similar to Mee Jawa that we used to eat. I don't know how to differentiate between them as I am not really craving for these kind of food. Or probably you would like to tell me? Not bad but still little spicy for me. It is always a little bit waste for non spicy lovers. There are lots of food we can't try and taste.
I can't keep my eyes off the surroundings when I finish my food and sitting there chit chat. I just in love with all those stuff they use to decorate the coffee shop.
Let's see have they've got.
A wooden wardrobe that have all the priceless collection.
Close Up view. See those antique? The iron that used the charcoal.The antique film camera. The big glasses. The old kind luggage.

This is the license and can you see how old it was? Beena ges I did not see such things in a cafe.
ee the antique radio and also the phone? Where can you find all those stuff nowadays? It is a collectible I believe.
I love the camera the most. But I don't even know how to use it. An did u saw the antique lunch box? That's what they have it last time and now hardly find those type.

Love those fan. I think this is one of the antiques too and did you actually realise something? YOU DO? YOU DON'T?
The WIFI la.... It is kind of weird to have the WiFi service in such a classical cafe. I was like this is so sort of my parents time and somehow this WiFi thingy appear. Really swt =.=''''


CkY said…
i guess u go the shop below metroview there !!?!?!? am i right.. haha

1 question... did u test the wifi there ??? fast ar /??
-pEi- said…
yeaps tats the place
do u go eat n bring laptop?
sorry i dont do that
tats somehow insane
i wont bring out laptop unless really necessary
CkY said…
me no laptop de haha...
just Curious then ask loh..

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