Sushi Zanmai

The SINGLES are in action again. We are so happy because we are free to do anything we want without informing or mentioning it to anyone!! We are FREE to do anything we wanted. Hahhahaha...

Alright, shouldn't had been saying something that is out of topic. Japanese Cuisine madness seems to conquer our bud taste. We had been going to sushi restaurant very often to crave for food. This time round we are trying Sushi Zanmai.

They provide fresh seafood everyday which you can see through their transparent glasses. The salmon, unagi were well placed and let you to choose. So, basically you will see how they did it on the spot and choose your favorite ingredient for your sushi.

This is made out of unagi with rice. I always love the Japs rice because they not only looks good, smell good and also taste good. The purple thingy at the side I don't know what is that. It was like little sour and little salty that makes it taste weird but the unagi still taste good and fresh. Shir's always love unagi and it was her favorite ordered.

The main thing in this dish is of course the tempura. It taste great with the seaweed above ,as seaweed had always been a great combination with most of the Japanese food. These are greats for tempura lovers and those who were in love with deep fried food.

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I tell you sincerely this is a great salmon for me. You can never imagine how fresh the salmon was. It was great and salmon had always been my fave food of all. When you put it into your mouth you will still taste the freshness of the salmon. Some might not like it but taste is very personal and my taste bud says " hey, it taste SUPERB!"

Tempura is also one of the MUST food when you went to the Japanese restaurant. They are like the symbolic icon of the Japs food, don't you agree?? This is so so crispy and of course the main thing is on their sauce. You might just eat it just like that but the sauce is playing the role to make it taste better. Isn't it that is why they are served to you? heheheh

Not to forget the camwhoring session la. Good food with lovely girls as the ending makes your appetite better? hahahah...

-pEi-, song, Shir


CkY said…
wah so rich woh !!!!
where is that shop oh ???
genting klang ar ??????????
-pEi- said…
CkY said…
oh..i see !!
envy leh !!!!!!! haiz !!!!!!!!!!
Donna Bong said…
shirley looks like an elf! hahaha
sze said…
haha...elf elf shir..lols..whr's my food wo?

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