It's not STARBUCKS! It's also NOT SETARBAK! IT'S SABAK!!! You see it right. I wrote it right. YOU DEFINITELY READ IT RIGHT!! Believe your on eyes! Never been here before even though had been living really near to it. Get to try this with my two good buddies. Let's see what they have.
I personally love their overall interior design and also how they decorate everything to their shop. I would say they really make the effort to attract their customer. A tick and YES for their interior.

It is a combination of Malay and Chinese Culture which I think was not that bad even though feels a little bit of awkward.
This shop is actually serving steamboat buffet. They had varieties of food and their price I think is alright but not really worth the food we eat.

They had two choice of base soup, tom yam and also normal soup. Soup is very very important base of all. What you gona eat throughout the whole session it all depends on this pot of soup that they served for you.
We had ordered fruit juice which I think was the most worth price we paid. RM 7.50 per glass. See how HUGE it is???? This is definitely a recommended one because they use 100% fruit and no sugar added. A tick means YES on this.
Sauce is playing an important role in steamboat as most of the food is tasteless. This is how you get to taste the real taste of the food.
This is the ala carte they served. Not bad on the food but the red bean soup was really not nice for my own taste. I don't like the way they cook it which is a total mess.

Seafood and all those fish ball, sotong ball, prawn ball or whatever ball is a must in steamboat. They had varieties of seafood too which you can barbecue it yourself too.

Varieties of noodles for you to eat with your steamboat will make your pot of steamboat tastier.
Vegetables and mushrooms were additional food to add in.
How can we miss out the moment with food. Food and people is somehow always connected so capturing that moment is very precious. hahahahaha.....
We finish all the food but despite we were mostly full because of the juice instead of the food!
-pEi- & Shirley
Some exercise after dinner. Row the boat everyone. Exercise is definitely good for your health.
Overall is still okie but not really satisfied with it but I would say NO for the food for second time. I wouldn't said I would or would not recommend others to be here but somehow taste is something very unique and different. SO you can give it a try but not under my words because I can't guarantee anything. (blerk.... =P )


sze said…
so bad.. din ask me go..sob sob.. whr is it?
-pEi- said…
its ebhind MU only my dear
coz i was alone so find shir them had dinner..
and their car is not around so we decide to walk just to the shoplet at the back
CkY said… ask me also !!!
-pEi- said…
garrylin said…
Eeekkk... Shirley look so slim in the photo!!! Hahaha...
garrylin said…
Aiks... IS tat Song song? How come she wear a short like tat go out de? Yer...
-pEi- said…
shir always looks slim wan ma....
song wear like tat coz it is just behind our house nia ma...

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