People had been talking about it couple of months ago. People had been waiting for it screening couple months ago and finally they are here!!!!!!!!!! TRANSFORMER 2 : REVENGE OF THE FALLEN ANGEL. Its BIG. Its STRONG! ITS TOUGHER!

Everything had been going more interesting and yet complicated in this movie. Things had been going real tough and hard for Sam, Optimus and all the autobots. In this movie, you will know more of the history how does this autobots or deceptions came to earth. Their fight is more interesting than you can imagine.

You will know how great it is to see them, human and robots actually work together to fight the evils. Cooperation between them to maintain the safety and peace of earth is a real touching scene. Nevertheless, the enemies are getting stronger and tougher too. That is why battle among them is not the less BIG!

More laughter, more wars, more touching moments........ I would say it definitely worth the price you pay for it. you will never regret for watching this. This would be the hittest movie of all. You have high expectation, you will have to watch this!


CkY said…
yes......i just come backe from watching !!!
sleepy now.....

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