Harry Potter : Half Blood Prince

After waiting for so so long, finally the 6th Harry Potter movie was released. I had been so desperated to watch this when I first saw the trailer last year or rather more long ago and finally I get to watch it last night. I did not really excited about it when I was there at the cinema. Might be that I had been waiting for too long and i mean really long for it.

Harry is still charming as ever. He never really disappoint me in every of the movie and how he brings his own character. Obstacles that he gone through and also task given in every movie he had been doing it really well and putting extra effort in it. Even he is not as brilliant as Hermoine but he is not bad as Longbottom.

For this time round I think he face a hard time dealing with the task that given by Mr Dumbledore. He never give up and somehow some times he did get into the wrong BUT he manage to turn back on the right path. Watxh this movie to know more of Harry's task.
The 3 buddies since Year 1 and still they are the one who always around when something bad happen in Hogwarts. This time round I think Ronald and Hermoine had more parts in the movie.
Ronald Weasley this time round was participating in the Quidditch as a keeper. He was a man that needs more encouragement to do better. Harry had been helping him in gaining his confidence. See to know how Harry did it.

Overall the movie was not bad but not really giving me the excitement like some previous of the movie had. I am hoping they would do better on their coming movie which I guess would take another year or two. Meanwhile at this moment it had actually fulfill my desired that I had been waiting for about a year!


CkY said…
me want go see leh !!
After this one, the next Harry Potter movie would be the seventh & final from the series / book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).
Anonymous said…
hey girl, maybe u've not noticed.. u got some typo mistake in the first sentence. It's the 6th movie. =)))

cheers! Harry potter fans here!
-pEi- said…
then just go ahead and do it like what nike said;

ya and will be anxious and excited to wait for the last movie

really? will correct the error
thanks for informing and KUDOS for us the potter fans!!
CkY said…
who is nike oh ?? haha...
-pEi- said…

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