100 Yen

Garry had been non stop mentioning about 100 yen store. I was wondering what was so special about this store. Except of it is a Japs store, I had no idea what doinkie it is. He said it sells lots of Japanese stuff from kitchen utilities to food original from Japanese. I am confused when he said the store actually sell ice????

Lots lots of snack originally imported from Japan. Get yourself here and pick whatever food you like and pay at the counter. The cashier is a nice friendly auntie. The price range is form RM 4.90 to RM 5.90. Nothing more than that. Personally thought it is quite reasonable.
They have few sets of tables and chair for customer to enjoy themselves will having the food there. Of course you have to pay after that la...Nothing is free ma..... Except my photo taking with permission.
Donna is helping to promote this shop by holding the flyer's for me and take picture of her. This pose makes me think of the one that she took during my birthday.
Thats is the ice stall. It is connected with the shop. You will first see this before you enter into the shop. The machine that makes the ice is actually a huge cute penguin standing just like of one the army who is ready to march.

Mango Ice
Sweet, sweet. The ice is in slice form instead of those small cube form. Taste not bad and full of fruit taste. Love it and definitely good when the weather is hot like you are in a barbecue stove.
Strawberry Flavor
A little bit of sour but still taste of sweety. Good for strawberry lovers because it doesn't taste fake just like sugar added fruit.


songsong said…
nyum nyum....miss the ice!!wahaha
-pEi- said…
me too
we shaLL go again when both of u r back
Donna Bong said…

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