Happiest Day

I am truly happy today. When I am always off from work my buddy told me that the MJ limited edition shirt has arrived. I was so so happy because I knew something I had bought will be arriving today too. Adding that I am going off from work and back home makes me happier and really make my day. Nothing much to actually describe how I actually feel but really happy to the highest point. Hope you all will feel the happiness out of it and also have a great day too!! Enjoy the photos!
My first own bought lomo camera!

Love it? I had not try it yet because this is gona used film so I wish to fully utilise it instead of just simply snapping around that waste the film usage. Stay tuned for coming pictures!
I told you that I got my limited MJ soul nation shirt isn't it? Here it is. I must say the designer had puts lots of effort designing it. From the shirt itself until the packaging of the shirt. Don't believe? See it yourself then....

me, wearing MJ shirt. Purposely put it in B&W and also Sepia to have the outcome of memorable MJ.

That's all of my happy day. Its not pretty much very excited but really can makes me happy for a week. AND YA you see it correct, A WEEK. I am those who satisfied easily, so it is not hard to makes me easy people out there! heheehhehe


CkY said…
have fun ya !!!
-pEi- said…
sure i will
Karlos said…
Cant wait for the pictures taken by this camera Pei! fast fast k! hehe..
-pEi- said…
ya I cant wait
I might took it on coming weekend
I love ur fish eye too
might get one of those fish eye lomo too
im curious about d lomo u hv there. do u have sample taken with that camera?
-pEi- said…
my dear friend
i just start taken
not half of the film used yet
but i will get it asap to see the result
sure gona show it out
be alert

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